Sunday, December 13, 2015

DIY garlands from old fake Christmas tree

I hate throwing anything out because there is no 'out', y'know? Throwing stuff out is just locating it to a part of the planet that isn't at your place.
It's even harder when it's a Christmas tree. Like this one. I'd bought it for $6 for a friend to use in her shop last year but she opted for a smaller version this year. I don't blame her, it was a pain to set up.  But what to do with it now?
 Yes I could use it on the front landing but in all likelihood it would be pinched. Not that I mind losing the tree but all the decorations would go with it. But I do like garlands and swags so I decided to deconstruct and use the branches for other decorating.
First I tried removing the branches which had a kind of hook holding them in place but was doing myself a fair bit of damage. Eventually I just used bolt cutters to cut them off close to the trunk. 
The branches were a bit prickly but eventually I had denuded the bottom two segments of the tree. 
Which left me with bits like this. 
 Then I started tying the branches end to end, or rather laying the head of one branch over the tail of another and tying them in place with garden twist ties in two places. I kept doing this until I was happy with the length. You could use small cable ties just as well and it would probably be quicker! I just went with what I had to hand. 
Then I had this.
 Then it was just a matter of attaching them to my railings. Next I'll add some lights and bows and that's my front porch decorated with a $6 Christmas tree. 

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